“Do not give food prize in children” (woman-marriage.blogspot.com ; Oct 2010)

“Do not give food prize in children”
Giving gifts to children on achievement or a good thing can be done to further motivate the child. But do not ever give food as a reward, because it might trigger obesity later in life.

“Give in other forms. For if the form of food, especially tasty, the kids tend to be asked again, whatever the conditions. Long-old child could be obese,” said Dr. Grace Judio Kahl, MSc, MH, CHt observer lifestyle as well as doctors weight management consultant from the SHAPE Indonesia in the talk show ‘ward off disease with the Healthy Eating ‘in FX Plaza, Jl Sudirman, Jakarta, Monday (18/10/2010).

Dr Grace confirmed that the growth of children ideally upward, not sideways. This means that height growth should be more dominant than the weight.

Of course, tailored to the ideal proportions, for if too thin, meaning that the absorption of nutrients are not going well, so easily affected by disease

Even so, children should not undergo a strict diet to lose weight. Because such a diet can influence the psychological development of children, Dr. Grace suggested weight of children should always be kept ideal to not have to diet.

The way to get children to eat regularly. “Try to eat because they feel hungry child. Do not accustomed to eat because of fraudulent, because the future it will become the embryo of snacking habits,” added Dr. Grace.

Recognize also the kinds of healthy food for children, with a balanced nutrient content. As much as possible to limit foods that contain lots of sugar and fatty foods, because it easily cause obesity.

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